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Diabetic Foot

Magnitude Of The Problem In India

Diabetic population
30 million
Foot complications in diabetic patients
Compromised blood circulation
15% of Diabetics would develop foot ulcer in their life time.
Diabetic Foot
Diabetic Foot

Groups at the highest risk for developing diabetic foot problems

Warning signs

Consult your doctor immediately if you see any of the following alarming signs on your feet:
Diabetic Foot


How can a vascular surgeon help?

Wound cleaning procedure and antibiotics

Complete non-weight bearing of the involved extremity (special footwear)

Dedicated diabetic foot wound dressing/ vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) dressing

Teaching foot care to patients

Revascularization or re-establishment of blood flow to the feet for non-healing wounds when needed.

Treatment​ of diabeticfoot problems
Treatment​ of diabeticfoot problems

To Maximize foot blood circulation for wound healing Treatment options:


Take care of your feet.

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