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Gangrene is a serious condition in which a part of the body begins to decay. This process is frequently described as tissue death or necrosis. Gangrene can occur in arm and legs with fingers and toes or some other organs of body like gallbladder — because of lack of blood flow or severe bacterial infection
Gangrene can develop when the supply of blood to an area of your body is interrupted.This can occur as the result of an injury, an infection, or an underlying condition that affects your circulation.

There are two types of gangrene dry and wet gangrene.

Dry gangrene

In This the skin becomes dry and dark in color ranging from brown to purplish blue and feels cold to touch. It's very common among diabetics and cases with blood vessel conditions like arteriosclerosis

Wet gangrene or gas gangrene

Is also called as clostridial myonecrosis refers to the death of tissues due to the reduced or blocked blood flow due to bacterial infection and forms PUS. Individuals affected with wet gangrene may develop sepsis and any delay in treatment may leads to death.

Causes of Gangrene

Any condition which causes interruption of blood supply to the tissue can cause gangrene.. Some condition increase the risk of Gangrene are :
Causes of Gangrene

Symptoms of Gangrene

Exceptionally dry skin (possibly peeling skin)

Skin color may change to blue, deep red, or greenish-black

Areas of bleeding underneath the skin

Numbness or tingling in and around the affected area

Swelling or puffiness of the affected area

pain or throbbing in or near the affected area

warmth of the affected area

an open, non-healing wound

a pus-filled lesion

a wound that smells bad

a fever can develop

the affected area may be cool to the touch

Risk factor for Gangrene

Health conditions that affect blood flow, Like diabetes, Raynaud’s complaint

Week Immune System, due to Chemotherapy , HIV Treatment, Long Term Alcohol misuse, Malnutrition, consumption of steroids ,Age above 60



Surgery or any trauma to the skin


Usually it’s a combination of Physical Examination, Previous history and Tests. He may Need number of tests and investigation as follows:


It involves removing the diseased tissue; prevent the infection and treating the problem that led to gangrene developing.

Treating the Infection.

By Antibiotics, can be given as tablets or injection.

In this the surgeon uses the bloon attached with inflator and passs it through the blocked artey and inflated inside to open up the vessel, sometimes a small metal piece STENT is palced to keep the vessel open

Bypass Surgery
Bypass Surgery

In this surgeon redirects the flow of blood and bypass the blocked vein to the healhy artery

Tissue Debridement of Gangrene
Tissue Debridement

In serious gangrene cases, removal of dead tissues or body part is needed. This process is called debridement. In this doctors use surgical tools or with chemicals. This will prevent the affected area to prevent the spread of infection.


This is the last option when the whole limb is severely damaged that it become the danger to other parts of Body. In this the whole limb is removed from body and an artificial limb is placed.

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